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We provide assistance with all what is needed to thrive and scale online.

Who Are We

We are committed team of freelancers that  proffer assistance with making an organization seen and scale up online.

Our Mission

Using digital tools to create and expand businesses, adapting it to it’s environment.

What We Do

We help businesses gain online presence and sustain that by innovating, testing and retesting strategies and tools.

Our history

Kcblaq Digital solutions started since 2016 to deliver services to clients, based in Benin city, Edo state of Nigeria. It started first as a web design freelance firm and as the need for other digital services kept coming, we opened our doors to the rest service experts to meet with the demands.

We now have as services we offer:

  • Web designs 
  • Web development 
  • Social media management/marketing
  • Blogging
  • Content creation

Our 6-D process



Problem need to be well detailed to ensure the root cause is known. Problem discovery and cause in most cases is harder than solving it, else the wrong problem might be solved.



Problem definition proceeds it’s discovery. Stating and naming this opens ways for possible solutions 



Sketching out the solution as a guide to the proper implementation is a measurable approach to problem solving.



Here is the coding of the sketched out solutions. We start to develop, looping through test and retest until we arrive at a practical solution.



System integration takes place here. The practical measurement of the success of a project is seen here as there is every tendency of looping back to an earlier state here.



We deliver and make known the usage and every possible caution on the project.

Why choose us?

When it comes to designs, whether a social media page, a web page, an app etc, it’s NOT just a common sense work, it’s an art. We have thrived in this art over the years. Web pages have to be appealing in both mobile, desktop and tab with great ease of use.

We work round the clock to make results happen. We meet deadline always.

We set results with you from onset, the least we can do is meet the result. Same reasons we set measureable results.

Try our customer and technical support team, we pride on quality response.

We build experience over the years, we keep building that. we have made mistakes, we have fallen short, we take responsibilities in all them, but we have come better and better.

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Would you like to start a project with us?

we are apt to serve, we give our best to serve, we look forward to serving you. Check in to check various plans and choose.

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