Get your social handles busy

Social media does more than connect, build authority with these magic tools


This is for you!

Yes I mean you…

You won’t believe this.

It has been reported that some hotels in Las Vegas, for example, check on how influential their guests are on social media…

And give them better rooms and attention if they are.

This is in the hope that they will influence others to chose their hotel.



It’s incredible.

That’s the reality of the age we are, right now.

Organisations in different industries are on the lookout for people in this category to make them brand ambassador or use them as influencers.

This is the reason why everyone is desperate to measure their online influence.

This is the new must have, and sought after attribute online, today.


Because it has a lot of benefits beyond your wildest dreams.

We have seen unknown guys few months away becoming brand ambassador because of their online influential status.

So, who is an online influencer?

Is it someone with a million followers or someone that can influence people’s decision?

An influencer according to Michael Brito in his book “Smart Business, Social Business” is someone with significant social capital…

This means they have sizeable audience on social web and have a level of influence on the community who read their content.

These are people who can influence other people’s buying decisions.

These are people who are known, like and trusted.

These are people who are considered as expert in certain areas of life and business endeavor.

Today I have Brand and organisations that want me on board as either PARTNER or TEAM PLAYER, they must have seen something in me, dont you think so?

In reality, nobody take you seriously, if you dont have what to offer.

Don’t you make the mistake of thinking people are drawn to you for no reason, that’s a big lie bro, people are attracted to you because you have suddenly become a magnet that is unavoidable, a solution provider.

Have you truly become a magnet for all that you want in life??

If your name or brand is mention today, what will be the first thought about you? Positive or Negative??

If you are below the bench mark, or possess zero brand equity, nobody wants to invest in you or your brand.

I gets invites from various businesses around the world daily, especially network marketing businesses who wants me to join their team.


Because I have built a successful Network Marketing Career that span over a decade with turn over if over $1000 every 30days and capital base of over a million.

Just last night, I saw this message in the attached image on my whatsapp chats and things are already in top gear in this regard.

I kid you not, I receive messages almost everyday of people either wanting to join my private team, Network Marketing organisation or they want me to join their team or collaborate in some projects.

What did this people see in me?

They consider me a man of influence and valuable asset to their brand.

The good news is, anyone can build this influence.



Become a man or woman of influence online.

Gain clarity about your journey.

Learn the skills required.

Be intentional.

Be phenomenal.

Give value lavishly.

Then grow and grow without limits…


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